Sarah’s signature vanilla cake recipe

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The ultimate cake class has arrived

A traditional English sponge enjoyed by all, this deliciously light and fluffy sponge is a go to for all of Sarah’s vanilla recipes.
Here you will learn the basics of how to make a sponge cake
Baking tips and then how to level and decorate a classic Victoria sponge Sarah’s style .. not only does it look beautiful for a simple classic cake it tastes delicious.
You can wow the family with this easy 40 minute baking tutorial at home and replicate this gorgeous cake famously known by Sarah’s.
Sarah decided to start offering these classic style cakes around 7/8 years ago when she decided they weren’t easily available in the cake shop market and as a home family favourite decided to create the beautiful piping with the jam and have them available for birthdays and other events.
They now trend on Instagram with people sharing the inspiration by Sarah’s cake company!
So pretty and perfect and a must try for beginners, hobby bakers or just fancy a go at something new.
It is the best cake & a top favourite to all my customers
Enjoy & Happy baking!


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